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(EXPERIENCE) What University Has Taught Me

I have been studying at University for almost two weeks now, and it is safe to say that everything I thought I knew is subject to question.

Perhaps one of the most exciting but equally scary idea is that everything in life is an opinion. An opinion that is constructed by what you have seen, what you have experienced and what you surround yourself with. The basis of most research into anything is not necessarily scientific 'fact', but rather a scientific argument. Nothing can be proved or disproved 100%, because the paradigms of our current and prior knowledge have and will change.

They are changing every day.

This concept of change  can be applied to our perception of ourselves. How you view yourself will change at some point, this is dependent on the research you conduct to elicit this change. Why are you wonderful, why are you special, why aren't you worthless, why aren't you a failure? If you look and seek this knowledge hard enough, you will always find answers.