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(VISION) How Do I Get To The Next Level?

Everybody wants to level up, but often they make the process so much more convoluted than it really is.

Levelling up, or improvement is just a habit. With anything in life, consistency beats all. How much time per day do you allocate to improving your skillset, improving your knowledge or improving yourself as a person? These questions aren't being asked to make you feel shitty, but rather to unearth the possibility that you're not levelling up because you're not being consistent in your endeavours or because you don't know exactly WHAT you are trying to improve.

As discussed in previous material, clarity of vision is essential to success, but supplementary to this clarity of vision is the consistency of habits - what are you doing every day to bring you closer to levelling up?

I discussed this concept in my recently launched exam preparation eBook which you can download for free here.

To summarise, I used the example of exam revision to enforce the notion that it i…