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(VISION) How To Bring Your Long Term Goals Closer To You

Goal setting is a fairly misunderstood notion. It is often assumed that the minute you set yourself a goal and a time frame, all you have to do is countdown the days until your objective magically completes itself.
We both know that’s not the case.
It is the scheduled, day to day objectives that you complete in relation to your long term goals that ultimately determine whether these goals get completed.

Now, it goes without saying, before you begin reading this article you need to have a clear idea of at least one long term goal that you are currently working towards - if you don't have a long term goal or aren't aware of one that you currently possess, take the time to think of one now.  Long Term, Short Term, Hyperspecifity. 

The main aim when setting any type of objective, particularly day to day objectives is making your goals as hyper specific as possible. To paraphrase one of my idols,Tim Ferris, goal setting should always be about the fine details or the smallest conceiva…