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(EXPERIENCE) Why Detaching Yourself Is Sometimes The Best Thing

We live within a framework that extracts negativity from  most of the sources it comes into contact with, masking us within a cloud of negativity that stifles our personal as well as collective abilities to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness . By consciousness I am not explicitly referring to a celestial, religious body but rather our own perception of our self worth  as opposed to the ideological lens that various institutions shape our perceptions with. This massive cloud of negativity is in many ways preventing our own success. We are exposed and operate within this cloud and allow what we see to affect our own inner perceptions and expectations- we become so consumed within external forces such as social media, the news and many other social constructions that we neglect the body and mind that we are gifted with and become consumed by in many regards, a senseless search for stimulation. If we do not allow ourselves to  disconnect from this framework from time to time …