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What Is Masculinity?

It has recently become an interest of mine to explore the question “what is masculinity?”. Masculinity has long been associated with power, dominance, and authority but often, these components are in reference to   particular groups of people. Generally speaking, the most common form of masculinity is embodied by white, middle class and usually heterosexual men. This is sometimes referred to as "hegemonic" masculinity (although the term and it's ideas are  a lot more complex once you read further in to it).  There are however many other forms of masculinity that identifying men use to express themselves. Mas culinity, like most forms of social identity is  performative – this means that as men we perform masculinity in reference to what we think best embodies or defines the term. So to clarify, whilst hegemonic is largely viewed as the dominant form of masculinity, it is not the only form that exists.  Often though, men try to emulate dominant ideas surro
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(BUSINESS) Launching An Idea Part 3:Branding

We have your driving force, and we have transitioned this nicely into a passionate area. Now ,we can talk about the more exciting stuff – Now we can talk about your branding. Branding is something I think separates you from everybody else in your field – provided it is done right. Strong branding enables a successful idea launch, but ONLY if a driving force and passionate area have been considered too. I like to separate my branding into three areas -   look, feel and message . Your look is quite self explanatory – how are you presenting yourself to your audience ?   If you are launching a blog, what colour schemes does your page utilise? What font are you using for posts? If you are launching a music or vlogging channel, what does your logo look like?   What colours are you choosing to utilise in your videos? Your look is ultimately the first impression you give to your potential audience, so ensure that what you use conveys the first impression you want t

(BUSINESS) Altiefe Presents Launching An Idea Part 2: The Passionate Area

Welcome to the second article of this ‘Launching an Idea’ series. In the first article, we looked at identifying a driving force (available to read here ), today we are going to be looking at transferring that driving force over to a passionate area. What is a passionate area? Passionate area: A creative pursuit that a person feels most comfortable and most free to operate within. This is usually a specific area within a wider discipline/creative pursuit e.g. A fashion vlogger . Chances are, if you're reading this article you have an idea of what it is you want to do or where abouts your creative idea is going to be situated – the passionate area is a little more specific, though. To give this article some context, a friend of mine is a fantastic music producer. He can produce a number of different genres of electronic music and has found success in most of them but his main passionate area is within dubstep. Now, some of you may hear dubstep and go ‘yuck!’ b

(BUSINESS) Altiefe Presents Launching An Idea

Welcome to the first article of the launching an idea series! This series is designed to help you develop your creative idea from scratch. Idea generation can be a long, ‘stoppy -  starty’ endeavour – you may have a picture of what you envision for yourself and your creative pursuits but making that vision a tangible reality can sometimes be hard. Over four articles, I will be going into detail about my idea generation process and how I use this formula to develop a range of ideas from ebooks to audiobooks to coaching packages and workshops. This process can applied to any avenue of creative pursuit. This is going to be honest, informative and immediately applicable to you and your idea generation process, s o let’s get started! Where people go wrong with idea generation? One of the first things that people do when it comes to idea generation is sweat the small stuff first - name, colour scheme, graphic design and so forth. Now these things aren’t small, the

(EXPERIENCE) A Short Thought On Messing Up

There are one million different things that you could do with your life. Every day adds new pathways and thus new outcomes to your future. The aim is not to focus on all the possible outcomes at once,  but to go with what excites you,  what motivates you - what gives you purpose. With every poor decision you make,  there are hundreds of ways to correct it. Don't focus on what you have done wrong in the past, focus on what you can do right in this moment. You can't be defined on what you have done wrong if you truly know what you've done to make things right this time. Fuck everybody else and their opinions. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that it helps you in some way. I would love to connect with you on social media. You can find my pages below: Facebook Instagram _______________________________________________________________________________


Productivity is a science. A productive day needs a structure, a structure that allows an individual to maximise their efficiency in regards to their long term goals. This free project aims to help you connect with a thought process that enables you to extract as much from your day as possible so that you can meet and surpass the objectives that you have set for yourself. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND IN WINNING THE DAY: A concept of productivity that enables you to define, set and allocate tasks that bring you closer to your goals. Suggestions that consider you and your day to day activities . Nothing in this project is set in stone, you can add to or take away from the suggestions inside of this project to fit your needs. An Audiobook and Ebook copy of the project . Your productivity, Your learning, Your Choice. GRAB YOUR FREE COPY HERE. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you

(EXPERIENCE) A Thought About 'The Process'.

The time frame between setting and completing a goal is without a doubt my favourite part of the journey - it is the feeling I constantly chase. When you commit to the process and you commit to a vision the end result shouldn't be surprising, it should be expected. Arrogance is derived from ego, confidence is derived from hard work. Hard work resides in the process. Embrace the process and reside in the constant journey that is goal allocation and completion. If you're working consistently and meeting your expectations then you have the right to talk about your achievements. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope that it helps you in some way. I would love to connect with you on social media. You can find my pages below: Facebook Instagram ___________________________________________________________________________________ Other articles and projects I also wri