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(BUSINESS) Launching An Idea Part 3:Branding

We have your driving force, and we have transitioned this nicely into a passionate area. Now ,we can talk about the more exciting stuff – Now we can talk about your branding.

Branding is something I think separates you from everybody else in your field – provided it is done right.

Strong branding enables a successful idea launch, but ONLY if a driving force and passionate area have been considered too.

I like to separate my branding into three areas -  look, feel and message.

Your look is quite self explanatory – how are you presenting yourself to your audience?  If you are launching a blog, what colour schemes does your page utilise? What font are you using for posts?

If you are launching a music or vlogging channel, what does your logo look like?  What colours are you choosing to utilise in your videos?
Your look is ultimately the first impression you give to your potential audience, so ensure that what you use conveys the first impression you want to give.

Your feel is a little more detailed – essentially this is your style of communicating your creative pursuit. If you are a blogger, how do you choose to write?If you’re a vlogger, how do you transition from clip to clip and what do you talk about?
Your feel is ultimately something that your audience will come to associate you with. The main aim with your feel is for people to be able to look at a body of work and instantly know it’s yours – how do you intend to achieve that?

Your message then, is your driving force in action. How do you intend to let your audience know that what they are paying attention to is part of a larger, personal motivation? This doesn’t have to be explicitly mentioned on every piece of content you make, but it can be demonstrated through the type of work your produce. What are you choosing to cover within the production of your content and how does that demonstrate your driving force to your audience?
Having clear, detailed ideas for each part of your branding is essential to adding your personal touch to your creative pursuit. Millions of young people are now producing content, but what will make your idea special when you launch it? Consider your look, feel and message when it comes to your branding and you’ll be on your way to unique content from the get go!

To summarise this article:

·        Branding separates you from anybody else in your field
·        I like to break down branding into three separate areas; look, feel and message
·        Your look is how you present your content to your audience, often the first impression you create
·        Your feel is your delivery of your content – this is what your audience will eventually associate you with.
·        Your message is your driving force in action – this doesn’t have to be explicitly mentioned but it can be reflected in what you choose to address or cover in your content
     That’s it for part three! Hopefully by now you have a nice idea coming together. In the next article, we will be looking at your first piece of content – the final stage of launching your idea. I’ll see you there!  


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